Our Duty

As a contract electronics manufacturer, Tracer specializes in surface mount and other state of the art assembly technologies such as BGA (Ball Grid Array), Micro BGA, CSP (Chip Scale Packages), and FC (Flip Chip). We are quite knowledgeable in post assembly testing, engineering and prototyping, rework and repair, and of course assembly. Our expertise and comprehensive experience base translates into lower costs and quicker turnaround to our customers.

Services Overview

Rework and Repair – Touchup and rework of PCBs, including replacement of fine pitch QFN and BGA components.
Engineering – We can assist you in circuit design, board layout, and troubleshooting.
Full Product Assembly – Let us fully assemble your product from circuit board to enclosure.
Product Development – We can assist you at any point in the process of bringing a new product to market, from idea generation to product design and detail engineering.
Prototyping – Our experience in quick turn PCB’s allows you to test a given design and fine tune improvements before full-scale production.
Mid and High Volume Production

Equipment List

High Volume Surface MountHeller 1700WIn line, 7 zone computerized convection reflow oven with self profiling capability
Mid Volume Surface MountSM Techniques SL 2220Semi automatic stencil printer with machine vision alignment
 Juki FM-760Advanced component placement system with full machine vision, places all smt and die components 0201 and up, .010" on center
 Juki FS-730Flexshooter component placement system, places all smt parts 0402 up to QFP fine pitch to .015" on center
Prototype Surface MountMPM SP-1500Semi automatic stencil printer
 SM Techniques 1414-PDOpti print semi automatic stencil printer
 SM Techniques 5100Stencil Printer
 Juki FS-730Flexshooter component placement system, places all parts 0402 up to QFP fine pitch to .015" on center
Advanced Technology ProcessingAqueous Technologies AQ-400Programmable, computer controlled Batch Cleaner
 Branson 3510Ultrasonic batch cleaner
Inspection/VerificationVision Engrg MantisInspection microscope
 Nikon SMZ-1B (6)Inspection stereo microscopes
 Foster FO-150 (3)Inspection stereo microscopes
Through Hole ProcessingEcono Pak 400 Lead Free Wave Solder machine, 16" max width, palletless finger conveyor, pre heat
 Hakko 485Solder fountain
 Hepco 1500-1 (2)Lead former
 Steckfuss AO751CIC lead former
 Hepco 7600 (2)IC lead former
 Hepco 3000-2Lead former
 GPD CF8Lead former
 GPD TF-5300Lead cutter
 Fancort FA-1680Lead cutter
 Fancort FA-2970Lead cutter
ReworkUngar SMR-1000Hot gas surface mount / BGA rework
 Auyue Int 852AHot air pen repair system
Materials Requirments PlanningVisual JobshopInventory control, shopfloor control
Misc. EquipmentVtekTape and Reel part insertion system
 VtekTape and Reel counter