Printed Circuit Board Assembly

The Tracer assembly team are experts in all varieties of PCB Assembly. From Quick-turn, low volume, High-complexity, and Prototype jobs to Mid-volume, Advanced Manufacturing, or Low-Cost assemblies, Tracer builds all things PCBA. A flexibly designed quoting and assembly platform allows Tracer to adapt its pricing structure and assembly processes in order to meet the objectives of virtually any job.

Custom Electronics Manufacturing

Need additional services other than just PCB Assembly? Tracer is experienced in all assembly support activities such as parts sourcing, box builds, Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Rework & Repair, X-Ray Inspection, Testing, and order fulfillment. Tracer has learned that many assembly support activities are most efficiently performed in close vicinity to the assembly itself.


When a deadline is approaching, a design is being analyzed, or (unfortunately) a product is failing in the field, a responsive assembly house is critical to an organization’s progress. Tracer was founded on the notion that a high level of transparency and traceability between itself and its customers will inherently result in a highly effectual relationship. Accordingly, whenever an RFQ is submitted, a question is asked, or a potential problem is diagnosed by a customer, the issue immediately becomes Tracer’s highest priority until it is resolved.

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Located in the midst of the Colorado high-tech hub, Tracer Inc. embodies all that it means to be a modern onshore PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) supplier: Highly automated processes, lean manufacturing practices, quality deliverables, and a dedication to customer service and satisfaction that is second to none.

Tracer has the resources to support Colorado companies in hitting their target, be it a few PCBAs needed within a matter of days, a complex board that demands exceptional quality, or an ongoing production run with 100s of thousands of units at low cost. Specializing in Medical, Aerospace, Communications, and Energy technology, Tracer has practical knowledge of a variety of PCBA applications and their related assembly implications.

Tracer’s flexible and dynamic services are demonstrated by its customer base, which ranges from the small entrepreneurial venture to the multibillion-dollar international corporation. With its state-of-the-art equipment and innovative assembly techniques, Tracer is a sure bet when it comes to printed circuit board assembly.

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